About Us

The Company

Apezilla is born from the passion and dedication of four Powersport marketing specialists and a network of over 100,000 recreational vehicle enthusiasts who love buying and selling their toys!!!  Let's not get into any of the "corporate" B.S. and cut right to the chase.........we know you probably think we’re just another website trying to compete in an already overpopulated marketplace.  But this is what makes us get out of bed every morning, because we know we have to stand out from the crowd and provide you a simple, uncluttered alternative for buying and selling your toys that finally makes you feel part of the process. 


Why are we different from all the rest? 

Unlike the traditional online sales venues, Apezilla won’t drown you in a bowl of auto “Soup” or set you adrift in a “Bay” of trucks, vans, or doo-dads when trying to buy or sell Powersport vehicles.  We eat, sleep and bleed Powersports!!!  Yes, we may be crazy in wanting to take on the Goliath’s of the online world, but there is something to be said about the little guy!!!!


Thus we set Apezilla in motion…….

Apezilla gives you complete control over what types of sales process you want to undertake – all under one roof.  Want to run your own auction? No problem!!!  Decide you want to place an online classified ad?  Apezilla has you covered!!!!  Come join a community of Powersport junkies and help us build the most powerful network of trusted buyers and sellers that the online world has ever seen!!!  You won’t regret swinging in our Jungle!!!